Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like I never needed love before

I had to buy a new air freshner for my car. I choose the one that hangs over my mirror now for two reasons 1. it was a pink dolphin 2. the scent advertised was "Love Spell." For your information, Love Spell is similar smelling to all designer impostor perfumes that you can buy at the dollar store. I didn't realize love was so cheap. 

This just started playing on my iTunes: 

When I was 17 there was a big part of me that was too embarrassed to admit to liking the Spice Girls. Now, at 28, I regret not having gone to their "reunion" tour. I love losing that "cool," because it makes me feel so much cooler. I know that doesn't make much sense, but releasing that fear of other people's opinions, and just loving what you love is so satisfying. I loved the new Star Trek movie. I thought it was great, and fun, and I'm probably going to see it again, and I'm unapologetic for thinking that, though Karl Urban might have been over the top, I enjoyed every minute of his version of "Bones" McCoy. I have plans to see Ghosts of Girlfriends' Past, and truth be told, I'll probably like that one just as much (so long as Matthew McCone-unspellablelastname-ghey and Jennifer Garner end up together in the end *fingers crossed*) 


StephanieM said...

I love that feeling of letting the cool version of you go and just having fun listening or liking whatever you want and admitting to yourself that it makes you feel good. It's only in the moments when I see people who go "ugh, you're listening to Britney Spears?" that I realize that they're the ones missing out and I'm the one having fun.

Riff Dog said...

It's freeing to let go of "cool." At the time, I was a hard rocker, but I admit to liking a few of the Spice Girls' tunes. Even today, I must admit that I like Pussy Cat Dolls.