Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am never in Love

Sometimes I am a Viking. I discover new worlds, new truths. I conquer and ravage, and decide that I am entitled. Sometimes I am a Serf, and I work for the Lord, and take care of the land, and don't cause too much commotion. Sometimes I'm a Patriot. I believe and hope and know to fight for what I believe in, even if it isn't what's real. Sometimes I am a Show Boat. I serve no other purpose that to be and to be seen. Sometimes I am a Loudmouth. I tell you all my stories and have no regrets, until you tell everyone else and hurt me. Sometimes I am a Fanatic, and want to bathe in the light of your creativity, and smile, and look upon you with awe and inspiration. Sometimes I am Las Vegas, a cheap and easy desert, or a rich and fun wonderland. Sometimes I am a Funeral, somber and sad, remorseful and confused. Sometimes I am a Circus, lit up and ready to entertain, certain. Sometimes I am a Bully to make you know your place in our universe. Sometimes I am a Neck, and Lips, and Eyes, and Toes. I am Fingers and Lust. Sometimes I am smarter than you hope, more driven than you want, above what you thought.  I am broken, and selfish and need to be fixed and want you to be my mechanic. Sometimes I don't need you. 

I am a lot of things. And those things are all worth something. They are the pieces of the whole, the supreme being. The one thing that I am. And until we die, we don't know what that really all is. 

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