Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Heart is in Your Teeth

"Listening to old Jewel albums reminds me that being a crazy girl is normal." - Becky Mair via chat with Lindsay Ringwald

This never ends does it? How is it that after having my period for almost 18 years I still have no control of my emotions the week before it happens? Even worse, I forget, every time, the potential of my senility. Other women know; we respect it, we know a crazy bitch when we see one and our bodies know that the only way to sympathize is to hop on their cycle (or for them to hop on ours) thus removing ourselves out of any dangerous path. I just want to be used to it, and instead I take the wave and I ride it. 

I'm feeling particularly crazy lately. I've been dieting, working days. I was exercising but that was thwarted by my getting the plague. I rarely equate being sick with being unhappy. I have always been one to handle it in stride, but lately I don't want to handle it. I just want it to go away. I want to be independent. I can't do that when I feel helpless and PMSing. DAMMIT. The rage is overwhelming, isn't it?! I guess it could be worse. I could be the one to have to convince everyone to sign over a bailout bill that will have my, my children, and my children's childrens' taxes go toward saving irresponsible companies. Thank God I'm not smart enough for that job. I'm barely smart enough for this one, it feels lately. 

At least I learned today that sushi can be a low fat food. And that the R Kelly Ignition Remix still makes me feel good. 

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