Monday, February 16, 2009

The mundane might be the most exciting stuff

I want to change my facebook status every 15 minutes. I know this means one thing: I should be blogging. 

I'm still sick. I'm in denial about it, and have been all week, but I should probably go to the doctor at some point and make sure I don't have something stupid like walking pnemonia, or bronchitis. Before I know it I'll be that Brazillian model, and you'll have to amputate my hands. Sad. 

Work is going well. I like days. I don't work out as much though. Well I've been sick, for one, and that hasn't helped. I've also been working 6 day work weeks. I'm really excited for that to be over. Putting together a normal schedule should soon follow, though I have to say working days I'm finding it harder to do the same things I did when I worked nights. I don't know, time seemed more selfish. I would wake up when I wanted, left the house when I could, drove against the traffic, and ran all my errands during the day. I could have gone to the doctor and have this cold out of me by now. Instead I find myself just wrestling with very little time to do anything. 

Yesterday I had a great moment of reflection. I had just come back from a trip to Target where I had bought myself a bunch of things I kind of, sort of needed. I made dinner and tidied up a few things in the apartment (though created a pile of dishes I didn't tackle.) I climbed in bed and just had a moment of Zen where it was all so easy. My life is easy, and pleasing, and I don't regret being able to lead it. We are the lucky ones, aren't we? 

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