Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've spent the last few minutes on myspace, and I can tell you that 1. the blogging format on that website is still my favorite. 2. I used to write really interesting blogs. 3. It's been about two years since those interesting blogs, and I regret that I'm not as interesting, and far more jaded now. I hate the circumstances that have brought me here.

When did I stop thinking I was interesting? I feel like social media websites have really put a kink on self perception. I'm so cautious about what I have to say about myself on facebook. Facebook: A website to judge others. I wish they'd just change "Friends" into "Jurors." Those people that will wonder why you spend so much time updating your status, or playing farmville, or adding pictures of yourself. Fuck that.

I also believe that no one wants to hear my ramblings because my blog has no "purpose." It's not a cooking blog, or a dating blog, it's just a living blog. Well you know what? My blogs are life, that's it. It's just happening. I'm starting to honestly believe that there's nothing bigger, no better truths. My every day dumbness is "it." That's life. And the less I catalogue it, the less I actually care about what's happening to me. And the less I care, the less I'm thankful.

I'm tired of being jaded, unthankful, and disconnected with my own world view. Fuck this.

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