Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here we are, face to face

I wonder if the amount of time we spend talking about money was translated into doing something about our money problems, then we could be successful in the long run in solving them. Watching CNN doesn't help me think to manage my money, especially when they play ThermaSpa commercials. Have you seen this? It's like a hot tub you can also swim in. Swank. Of all the smart moves I've made in my life, I thank God I decided to screw around in math class and not go into the field of finances. If I had I know I would have had a panic attack by now. Hell, Anderson Cooper is just talking about money on my little TV and it's stressing me out. 

Today is a strange day. It's taken a turn for the pessimistic. I try not to dwell too much on unclear feelings, but when the ball gets rolling, it's hard to stop it from tumbling over top of me. Thank God Sex and the City just started. Those women's issues are heightened and happen far more often than mine. They live through full relationships in about half an hour, and I'm sure if we counted the number of times they had to "figure things out" for themselves in a season it would far surpass me, ten fold. After all, I was never in love with a priest. 

Maybe if I had been, he could have saved me already. 

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StephanieM said...

I like watching Sex and the City to put my life into perspective. They either have really shitty things happen to them, or they have the same problems as me - and react in a way to make it a shitty problem :P It makes our lives seem so simple!