Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inspired by Andy Rooney

I think too much...about needless things. I think we all do. If we all thought about important stuff all the time, the world would have no problems. I think about that sensation you get when you're driving in your car, the one that would leave you to do something erratic, like drive over the median for no reason except that you could. You'd risk death, of course, but the feeling to separate oneself would be worth it, right? I'm thinking about unemployment, again. But, as usual, I'm not scared. In fact it might prompt me to look for (gasp!) a day job. Maybe I could go back to focusing on things that are important to me...like my appearance. I've been thinking about clothes, and jackets, and how my arms are always too fat for jackets, and I have to go a size up, and then I look boxy, but how do they always find perfect fitting jackets on "What Not to Wear?" I assume other people are shopping for those helpless souls who don't know how to dress. 

I've been thinking about Passion, and Practicality, and how those two things create a perfect marriage. When you only have one of those things, I guess it would make an ok relationship, unless it's just passion, then it makes for more of a scene. It also probably makes for a great time in bed. Do you learn passion, or is it something you're gifted? Though my monotone voice would implicate something different, I consider myself pretty passionate...about work, life, sex, all those things I hope to make me happier, stronger, fitter. Does God give people passion? Are you born with it in your soul? We all have a little something driving us. I think about articles I've read where couples have stopped having sex after months/years of being in a relationship. That seems like a mistake, a hiccup in passion. I hope that doesn't happen to me. 

I guess it's all dependent on if I want Practicality or Passion. 


StephanieM said...

I think a lack or loss of passion comes from feeling like you're entitled to something rather than seeking it out or fighting for it. Kind of like when you see a new boy you like, you make sure you wear nice clothes or try to fix your hair in the prettiest way you can think of when you're around them. But when you're so used to being around them after years and years, you expect them to impress you and vice versa, and you stop seeking it out. That's what I've gathered after accidentally seeing my first and last episode of King of Queens at least :P

Nichole said...

you need to have the right combo of passion and praticality. It shocked Matt and I once again this weekend that we've been together for almost 10 years. Although we're not the same kind of passionate, we still very much are. The practicality of it, I think, is that we realize that life is a marathon, not a sprint, which is something I think you've talked about before, and if you're all passion all the time, well, it can get mundane.