Friday, October 3, 2008

"Maybe I Love Josh?!"

I live by something that Suze Orman said (that Roxanne told me): Never put yourself on sale. I use it for work. I make sure that when I walk into a job interview I know how much I'm worth, and I know not to settle under that number. These people shouldn't warrant a deal. I start working, and I usually give it my all (ok, so I'm writing this while at work, but then again, my cute coworker just offered me some scotch. Granted, it's the end of his day, and the beginning of mine, but I've seen Mad Men, you can work on a liquid lunch.) In short, work should get what they're paying for. 

He says you give new meaning to the world "sweater." 

Now I'm wondering how, in a part of my life where I'm not getting paid, can I translate this?What is my friendship worth? What can I offer the opposite sex? What am I worth to you? I guess we never really know our value to others. Heck, the people in my life might not know how incredibly important they are to me. I'd hate for them to think it was less than I have given. I also hope to not set anyone astray. It's a moral obligation to the people I love to make my intentions known, and it's even more important not to abuse the feelings of others. 

Honey, do you want to hear some fusion??

Do I want to know what I'm worth to you? And would it change who I am if I knew? I probably would change the dynamic if I didn't like what I heard. But I know the right and wrong answer changes  daily, because we're constantly in flux. No one's is happy with everyone and everything all the time. And if you are, please tell me your secret. Does it involve sedatives? 

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