Thursday, March 26, 2009

the bulbs never opened quite fully

In Quills the Marquis explains how he writes of the world: "I write of the great, eternal truths that bind together all mankind. The whole world over, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill, and we die."  I think about those animalistic qualities all humans seem to share. It's all very carnal. And I wonder how it relates to our emotions. Despite the physical needs, the fornication, the hunger, I think about the way we have grown to need to feel. Twitter, facebook, myspace, these social networks make us reach out more to one another everyday through a universe we can't touch. Touch, and presence is a part of emotion and humanity, though, and eventually the unseen universe needs to step aside, and let real life take its course, I suppose. I wonder if in the future people will learn to connect the two. I hope not. I like being in real time. 

Someone recently described me as being "ballsy" and having had a sense of adventure that most people wouldn't, or couldn't have. This had come after I felt a great loss, and it really helped to pick me up. I sit at my computer, wondering how to make it better, to get out of the rut, without even realizing that there might not be a rut at all. Daily I reach out and share emotions with people around me, and connect to them in ways most people can't, and I am really happy about that because there was a time in my life where I felt that I could never find that at all. I'm glad to have broken through my personal unseen universe. 

I just have to remember to buy myself flowers, though. 

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StephanieM said...

Yesterday I told Steve how our lives would look so much more exciting in a montage format. Kind of like the videos they play at hotels in Vegas - where you could go to the spa, then gamble, then out for a fancy dinner. It pulls all the mundane stuff out and leaves all the exciting stuff in. That's how I feel about myspace, twitter, facebook, etc. We show what we want our lives to look like. I'm always trying to make my real life more like my perceived life. I want to look like I'm having that much fun all the time! I think that's what that person meant when they said you're ballsy. You actually want to go out and have fun rather than just showing people that you're having fun.