Friday, March 27, 2009

Hit you like a truck.

**Please note that for the next week I will be attempting to write one blog a day. Wish me luck. 

I went to a cafe last night. It was the shape of a boat that appeared to be docked on dry land and was Titanic themed. There were pictures of Kate and Leo all over the walls. How interesting. The menu was almost entirely in Korean except for a section of smoothies (we stuck to getting those instead of adventuring on the other side of the menu.) It was almost sensory overload, had my senses not needed to be touched so bad. 

It's strange what a random night out can do for you; the insight it can offer into your personality. I still get shy around strangers who talk to me in bars. Shy and defensive, and I wonder what they want. I wonder their intent. Sometimes it's nothing more than to have a conversation with someone new. And deep down I know that I want to hear from there. It's rare that I seek out to talk to new people, and I see that as a major character flaw. I have to be led the way to talking to someone most times. I find I have spent a lifetime surrounding myself with louder personalities than myself to make up for that. And I love these boisterous people. They make me happy, and they fill the void. Now I think the next step is to learn something from them. 

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