Monday, March 30, 2009

Hyper Drive

Today I listen to Motown. It is my favorite thing to do. It reminds me that no one knows anything about anything when it comes to dealing with human emotions, least of all, Diana Ross. 

I got new tires for my car this weekend. It is officially no longer a death trap, but a money pit. I hope to get a good detailing, and then be finished with car maintenance for a while. It's a good little car, the new tires helped to remind me of that. I also got my nails done at the same time. They looked rough going in, and I think are on the way to being ready for spring. I don't know why this matters, I really don't, but for some reason, yesterday afternoon, it did. Maybe just to remind me that I, too, am a good little car. 

This blog is a dud. I'll try again tomorrow. 

1 comment:

Roxie said...

i like this blog. not a dud. you are a good little car. :P

I'm feeling like a 2002 silver cabrio I once owned lately.