Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Week

A lot can happen in a week. Lives can change. Stephanie pointed out that you could be alive on monday and be buried by Thursday. The matter that makes up your body would be underground for as long as time. Not me, though. I want you to burn my body. 

I wish there were more reminders that life is so precious. I doubt there ever will be. "Live life to the fullest" they say. Who are they that are able to retain this? I think I've been successful to live a pretty full life. I wonder, though, what it takes to remember how to maintain that fullness indefinitely. Can you? Or do you settle? It seems like a lot of people settle. Is settling the right thing to do? Have I just not realized this? Whatever. In a week it could all be over. I'd hate to have the same last week over and over and over again in anticipation of the end. 

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StephanieM said...

Some days I think "there's never enough time in one lifetime to do everything you want to do!" and other days I think "I've pretty much experienced everything I want to experience". I don't know if I'm afraid of my life always being the same or if I'm more afraid of change. Ugh.